Double Portion Baptist Church - Saving The Lost At Any Cost! (Matthew 28:18-20)
Our Vision
The ministry of Double Portion Baptist Church is focused on fulfilling our vision of Partnering with Believers to Edify and Glorify God and His Church by Exalting the Savior; Equipping the Saints; Evangelizing the Sinner; and Striving with the total essence of our being to advance the Kingdom of God spiritually, educationally, economically, and socially.”   
The support of God's people through prayers, contributions, and volunteer service makes these ministries possible. The ministries that take place at Double Portion Baptist Church are what keeps our congregation focused on our vision to advance the Kingdom of God.  Though not all of our ministries are listed, here are just a few that we would like to highlight:  
            Our Ministries
Audio/Visual                               S.W.A.T. Praise Dance                 P.U.S.H. MIME
Career Moves                               Christian Education                          Singles
Praise & Worship              Unashamed Peculiar People Youth               Marriage
Hospitality                                      Usher/Greeter                         Keepin Real  Men     
Evangelism                                      Victory In You
Apollo's Learning Center

Outreach Children's At Risk Program - Every Sunday at 8-10am
Tutoring - Every Wednesday at 5:30-7:00pm

Upcoming Future!
Baby Moses Day Care, Inc.
Portion of Refuge, Inc.
  8:00 am - Early Morning
10:00 am - Christian Education
6:00 pm - Praise Dance & MIME
7:00 pm - Prayer & Bible Study
8:00 pm - Voices of Praise Team
5133 Almeda Genoa Road
Houston, Texas 77048
"The Church Twice As Nice"
Phone: (713) 987-9558 │
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